Affiliate Marketing

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Are you a website owner looking for some great traffic-pulling tactics that works? Or are you the merchant open to the idea of partnership for promoting your products? Affilitate marleting can be a solution for both of you and Arthsalutions can show you the route to success.

One of the fastest growing industries on the internet, affiliate marketing can help you achieve your online business goals. It works purely on pay for performance model. This is a win-win marketing model where merchants only have to pay for performance where an individual/company get paid when they refer a business to a merchant.

Affiliate marketing involves placing an ad on the affiliate’s website. Affiliates are not supposed to sell or promote products. Merchants’ banner-ads are placed on affiliate websites to attract customers. Payments are typically made on a pay-per-click basis.

Our affiliate marketing service is based on the theory that more the websites a merchant is affiliated, the more exposure the products or services achieve. As part of this service, offers partners or affiliates a commission on any customers they bring to your site.

Avail our Affiliate marketing service for

  • boosting your web sales
  • improving your online brand reach

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