SMS Marketing

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With over 80 million people using mobile population in India, mobile population is now at per with internet population. The number continues to grow astronomically. This has turned mobile device into a critical marketing medium.

Text messages are no longer the tools in the hands of youth for staying connected; SMSs are now one of the most used means of business communication. Larger companies have adopted SMS as a cheap and effective marketing tool as it delivers the company’s message to its audience.

Realizing the long term potential of the medium, has created an end to end mobile CRM solutions that are in use in the most developed markets across the world.

In today’s fast moving world the mobile device is the most personal device a marketer can find. We, keep abreast with the trends of the age, evolving, changing and molding our marketing strategies, ideas and concepts according to the convenience of their users. Also, we dabble in one of the newest of all innovative marketing designs -mobile phone marketing or SMS Marketing.

In a nutshell, SMS marketing can be h perfect solution for the companies to create, build and maintain relationships with customers. Offering SMS service at the most reasonable rates throughout India, Arthsalutions can help you send effective brand message to the existing as well as prospective customers.